How does one navigate the current times we are experiencing.  There are a lot of mixed messages around us.  These mixed messages are seen everywhere in nature, media and by the people around you.  It is very tempting to react to this external chaos because it may seem more real than our own personal reality.

 Consider an alternative.  You in your body and grounded will create space for yourself. You can navigate with clarity when you are grounded and radiating in your own intuition.

I have had the honor of being a spiritual midwife for several years at a freestanding birth center.  As a spiritual midwife we validated the sanctuary of birth as a spiritual event and natural process for a woman. Birth energy can be very chaotic and yet powerful.  When the birthing mother would ground she could transcend through that chaos to what it took to become a mother.  Incredible empowerment always took place with these women.  We all are birthing ourselves daily but sometimes we just don’t know how to get out of our way and let the process unfold naturally.  When you commit to yourself and nurture your body you will have gained space in your awareness.

Would you like to see a little less chaos in your life? Do you trust how you are emerging in your life?  If you would like to immerse yourself into more energy work I am creating personalized mentoring programs and healing sanctuary series for my clients.  You have the opportunity to create some of your own spiritual goals and cater these programs to your particular needs.  If these are of interest to you please email me with further questions.


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