We have an innate rhythm in our body and it’s own inner script. If you can consider the body a reflection of your divine plan rather than an inanimate object then you might discover just how much power you hold within.   My point is that not only does your spiritual desires animate your body and create vitality but that your body holds a truth compass in every cell and your body will embrace you just as much as you embrace it.   Your relationships will be a completely different experience with yourself and others when you take notice.

You can inspire and “reshape” your body so it enhances the communication between body and spirit. My many years as a spiritual midwife in a birth center educated me immensely in the power of the intelligent design of our bodies and the gift designed by you and the creator.

I hope to explore this more in my upcoming day long women’s meditation retreat.  We will explore ways you can tap into and become aware of your own inner script.  I hope you can join me for this retreat.

Imagination is the gift of spirit!  Happy Summer Solstice!         Mary St Pierre

Let your imagination make you vibrant!