There is a rebalancing of power and wealth that is happening throughout the planet. The signatures of it are prevalent in many forms around us right now.  When those prevalent signatures begin to put pressure on you then it is a good time to recognize that the universe is asking you to change.

Some of the most visceral signatures most Californians are experiencing is the drought. We are two-thirds water ourselves so this can really affect our whole emotional balance.  We have spent too long adapting and rushing through the day to deal with life. We have a choice to either cling to what is outside of ourselves or find our own inner resource.  Diving deeper into our own waters of emotions without fear.  Emotions are the actions of the spirit, not a hindrance.  When you are balanced in your emotions you profit.

Feng Shui means wind over water. The wind is the breath of life…are you breathing?  The water is your emotions…the essence of your vitality.  When both are balanced you have the capacity to create the vision you would like for your life.

Happy Chinese New Year!