The issue that is facing us up front square and center is our very own partnership with ourselves. What goes on around us is simply a mirror for what we see or experience in our own vital self spiritually. We think the war in Syria is simply between rebels and the government and if it has grabbed your attention then you are seeing the mystery of the way we are changing on this planet and within ourselves. We are releasing the energy that sits between us on our own divinity.

This is an age-old war of tribes where race and religion draws deep lines between souls. These are people who rely more predominately in their first chakra. Who do I belong to? When that becomes predominate; then the interior statement is my God is superior to yours. I am superior to you. This is the essence of racial, gender and sexual orientation prejudices. They have lost their divine connection with themselves.

There are energies and beings that would like this age-old game to perpetuate. They would like us to engage at the same fierceness in which they are perpetuating in keeping their game. Where have you engaged in a response to their violent acts?

This will tell you where you are learning to realign within your spiritual self. When you respond to people around you as the others; then you will experience being alienated from the very world you are creating around you.

When you trust your intuition and find your clairvoyance then you are then residing in your highest abilities. This is where you dissolve the negative ideas and voices that go through your head. This is where you begin to have compassion for yourself as well as others.

The planetary aspects are very strong to continue to be reflective and supportive in nurturing this new union of one on one partnership. This is with you and your body but will ripple out into the most important partnerships you have in your life.

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Enjoy your expansion!

Mary St Pierre