“The world will be saved by the Western Woman “ ~ The Dalai Lama

Hello and Happy New Season of Awakening!

I am excited to see that we have approached this year of the deep and yet powerful feminine chi for 2013.   The great cycle of completion and renewal is upon us for this coming year.  It is the year for you to awaken to your feminine wisdom and act upon your dreams.  In Chinese Astrology this is the Year of the Water Serpent that is a particularly powerful feminine energy.  The Water Serpent represents the first energies on our planet that bloomed life.  Water is the most feminine of elements and most powerful it is required to create life.  Water can move through big obstacles to find the truth.

The image of a serpent moving into a circle facing her tail is very portend to a renewal of our very own creative power.  I suggest that is how to see her this year guiding you.   This image is called an Ouroboros that is an ancient symbol.   The Ouroboros represents the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.   This is the original Goddess energy that moves in magic and mystery.  This chi actually moves in every cell of our body the DNA of the mother does not alter and has not since the beginning of time this is called the mitochondria DNA.  It is the power pack in each cell of your body.

This is the year to dream and dream big.  This circular serpent chi is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite.  The serpent expects utmost truth of yourself and if you are not truthful with yourself then you will get the opposite of what you expected in response to your intention.  Luckily this is the gentle water serpent who is more nurturing.

I am excited to see the changes you will make for 2013 and look forward sharing some of my new classes for the year.


  • Abundance in the feminine
  • Healing guides and empowerment
  • Visualizing your world-creating ownership
  • New creative vision-your purpose

Reading Studio Series program: 

This is offered to any of my students that have completed the 1 year clairvoyant program.  Here we hone your ability to read energy and gain your clarity about your vision of yourself.

Hands on Healings 6 month program:

The vibration of this class is permission and power to change energy.  Learn the miracle of change and discovering how to set boundaries.  The 6-month mentoring program is required.

Trans-Mediumship Program: 

Exploring your spiritual abilities and expand access to your information.  Here you gain clarity of being a spirit in a body and awareness to what you are channeling in your life.