You Belong Courses


Discover your unique gifts and power

Group and individuals. Class available online and various onsite locations. You meet twice a month. All levels welcome.

Beginning Meditation 4 week intro class.

1 year intuitive mentoring program Beginning Meditation prerequisite.

Navigating the wisdom of the masculine/feminine Meditation-

1 year and 4 week courses. Beginning Meditation prerequisite.

The world is asking us to redefine a healthy masculine, and feminine connection. What steps will you take to be a part of this new and exciting change? Discovering your unique relationship with yourself enhances your partnership with others. Freedom of expression without inhibition comes from releasing any conditioning habits that hinder your ability to express yourself freely.

Beginning Women’s Meditation 4 week class

Women’s Intuition Courses-Exploring your unique creative energetic Power

  • 1 year Intuitive mentoring program-Beginning Meditation prerequisite

    We as women underestimate our creative energetic power. Whether you used that power to create babies or not it is something you can access to nurture and heal yourself. Discover your unique energy and how it is different unique to you.

Reading Studio 12-month program

  • Gain the certainty of your intuition by reading the energy of dynamics in your life.

  • 1-year intuition program a prerequisite.

Intuitive Reading Sessions-For Personal and Properties

  • 1-hour session online for personal readings
  • 3-hour minimum sessions for Onsite Feng Shui/energetic Design support

Book Me

Book me for speaking engagements-Women’s groups, Youth Leadership, the New Feminine and Masculine Identity.

Host Meditation retreats/workshops for both men and women

Youth leadership Camps- See New Alchemy Project website

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