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New Women’s Meditation Classes-July Schedule

Thoughts on our spiritual nature
I recalled how some pregnant mothers in African tribes will sing to their babies a song that will be specific to that child.  In this song is their name and the mother sings of that child’s spiritual nature; reminding them to never forget who they are.



Women’s Meditation Retreat

Women’s Meditation Retreat
Sunday September 7th, 2014. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
I am happy to announce a Women’s Meditation daylong retreat that will be held in West Marin. We will explore the intelligence of the feminine body along with your spiritual abilities. Learn how to empower your life and your meditation with your own vitality.

As […]

The Intelligence of your body and the senses

We have an innate rhythm in our body and it’s own inner script. If you can consider the body a reflection of your divine plan rather than an inanimate object then you might discover just how much power you hold within.   My point is that not only does your spiritual desires animate your […]

The rebalancing of emotional power

There is a rebalancing of power and wealth that is happening throughout the planet. The signatures of it are prevalent in many forms around us right now.  When those prevalent signatures begin to put pressure on you then it is a good time to recognize that the universe is asking you to change.

Some of […]

Partnerships within ourselves and our New Brave World


The issue that is facing us up front square and center is our very own partnership with ourselves. What goes on around us is simply a mirror for what we see or experience in our own vital self spiritually. We think the war in Syria is simply between rebels and the government and if […]

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Gaining Space VS Chaos

How does one navigate the current times we are experiencing.  There are a lot of mixed messages around us.  These mixed messages are seen everywhere in nature, media and by the people around you.  It is very tempting to react to this external chaos because it may seem more real than our own personal […]

Hello and Happy New Season of Awakening!

 “The world will be saved by the Western Woman “ ~ The Dalai Lama

Hello and Happy New Season of Awakening!

I am excited to see that we have approached this year of the deep and yet powerful feminine chi for 2013.   The great cycle of completion and renewal is upon us for this coming year.  […]